Thursday, November 13, 2008

Leonard becomes a cone head...

Yesterday was interesting...I know that I mentioned the dog attack...but I did not mention how the afternoon progressed to that point.

We get to the house -- open the door -- and a horrible smell immediately hits us. Our one hundred pound dog had diarrhea ALL over the living room floor - the carpeted living room floor. I couldn't believe it. At first glance, I thought that we'd discovered the dead body of a hobo that tried to rob us...but no. It was no hobo at all. Staring back at me was a massive pile of dog poo of various sizes and textures.

I rushed to our local independent grocer to get overpriced paper towels and carpet cleaner...and we spent the next hour cleaning up big, fat, hundred-pound-dog diarrhea.

After that I needed some serious kitten I went to the garage where we keep a stash of kittens. mmmm kittens! I loved on them and fed them and purred and played and had a big time...then we went to leave. J was trying to close the garage door quickly and it came off of the track. the damn thing almost fell on me and the kittens... Thankfully, J is strong and effortlessly held the entire thing up while I got out of the way. He put it back up and we were fine...Major incident avoided.

Back in the house, we opened a beer and tried to forget the annoying events of the evening... I decided that a nice, hot shower was just the thing to make me feel better. I sat under the steamy stream for longer than usual...when I came out, J was standing at the doorway... "The neighbor-dog just attacked Leonard." And so, we closed the evening by trying to coax our cat out of the tallest damn tree on the block... And when he finally came down, I discovered the gash in his belly.

So, today was the day of the big surgery. He's sewn up and trying to heal. He has a big, plastic cone on his head.

In unrelated news -- my niece lost an ovary yesterday.

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Honey said...

You know... I tried not to laugh but the situation was so amusing as you wrote it. Believe it or not, our little Boston has an appointment with the doggie dermatologist. What we do for our loveable pets!